Oct. 28th, 2015

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Over on a certain social networking site, Hawkwind fans were asked for their closest connection to the band...so I posted the below article...slightly altered. It was made possible with some research on the web..as there is a vast amount of info about Hawkwind out there. What suprises me is how much info from before the Internets were what they are today is available. Hawkwind fans *must* be horders! :-)

I was at what Dave Brock has said was the worst Hawkwind show ever. It happened May 15, 1991 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The club was Barrymores, which has a honoured history of bands that have played there...but at the time was on the verge of bankruptcy, and had done *no* advertising that the band was playing. I found out through the Internet newsgroups. I told a bunch of people, but, in the end, only about 10 people showed up for the concert, and I was responsible for 5 of them! But that wasn't the only problem...the band had lost two members, with Bridgette Wishart and Simon House being bounced at the Canada-US boarder, so the band was down to a 3 piece Brock, Alan Davey and Richard Chadwick.

Personally, I had a great time, the trio really rocked out, doing a bunch of great Hawkwind songs, new and old. But...and I think this is the thing that stood out in the mind of Dave Brock that he mentioned in at least one interview I read...one of the people who came along, but wasn't really a fan was a friend of mine, David Friend. He is a little bit strange...and through the entire concert sat down by the stage at Barrymores, and read a book. Admittedly, it was either a Science Fiction or Fantasy book....but he had no interest in the band. So while the rest of us enjoyed what was essentially a private Hawkwind show, my friend just read...

One of the images I will always remember from the show was that Alan Davey had painted his face underneath his eys with florescent makeup, and as he sweated, it ran down his cheeks making it look like he was crying florescent tears.

After the show, all my friends got back stage and hung with the band for a while, as one of the people I had dragged along was someone who had worked at Barrymores for many years. It was a blast meeting Dave, Alan and Richard. I just wish there had been more people there...I did my best to get as many as possible...and I hope that the band was paid!

But that is my link to Hawkwind.


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