Apr. 17th, 2017

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Yes, my $20 (CDN) power supply has come in the mail. It's like one of the larger laptop power supplies, with a barrel connector on it. What it looks like I need to do is chop off the end of the power connector for the Cinema Display, which has three wires, two thick wires (black & white), and a thin grey wire. After doing a lot of reading about this thing gray wire, some theorizing it's a ground wire, others that it is a +5v power for the USB & Firewire hubs in the monitor, I eventually found something that makes the most sense, literally! Apparently , the power supplies for the 20 & 24 inch Apple Cinema displays use the exact same connector to the power brick, both of which are greatly underpowered for the 30" version. If the 30" display senses a signal on the wire...ie, 5volts, it will not allow you to turn on the monitor. Which is a good thing! I now need to head over to Active Components and see if they have a female connector to connect with the power supply. Or maybe I can find a cheap extension wire that has the same connector...

In addition to doing this, I am going to be making a video of it, and starting a YouTube channel. It will be filled with videos of me fixing computers, testing out quadcopters, Occasional editorials, reviews, interviews, music...or just about anything I can think of that other people might find interesting to watch. The current (tentative) title for the channel is A.I.S.B., or the Ancient Illuminated Seekers of Barbaria....or An Insanely Silly Broadcast...or All In Serious Boardgaming....or....

Maybe doing all this will help me get over my depression...or maybe it will never get off the ground due to my depression....but, I at least have a plan! :-)


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