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Well, it looks like I won't be making it to Comiccon...I was hoping to go Saturday, but they sold out of the pre-reg Sat. tickets, and I am not willing to spend $50 + $15 mainly to go and see MC Lars...much as I would like to see him in concert. Sure, it would be nice to hear some of the guests...but they are only actors. Fine enough, but I given a chance, I would rather meet the people who *wrote* the episode, rather than the ones who acted in it....Alternately, those who did the SFX would be interesting to meet as well. I like the characters, not the actors. For example, Buffy rocks, but Sarah Michelle Geller? Not so much. An exception would be someone like Pauley Paurette, the person who plays the Goth Lab tech in  NCIS...not only is she a good actress, but she also studied forensics in University, and she is a musician and plays with a band as well!

In the mean time, I have gotten back on my Adobe Premiere CS6 video editing course, there are a number of them on Youtube I have now found. I going to try to devote at least an hour a day to the course. You can also get a trial copy of the software for download...which will work for a month...I wonder if it will fall for he old set the date backwards trick...but I want to go through a fair bit of the course before I try my hands on it again.

Tomorrow, I need to get my tush out to Staples and get some card-stock to print up bookmarks for CAN-CON. We now have a nice generic bookmark that we can use. I may also have to travel around to get a new toner cartage for my printer if I do a lot of printing...I have about 350 pages of various coloured paper to print our current flyer...and I may make a stab at adding some of the special guests to it...and start bothering some of the guests for bios & pix for the program book. This year will be even better than last year, since I *hope* to be working on it before the last week before the con! :-)

Now, It's off the bed!


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