Sep. 6th, 2013 12:33 am
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This afternoon, my dad died. He had a massive coronary rupture, and probably died very quickly. He had been having what he thought was a back ache on the left side most of the morning, and absorbing jr and heading pads were  not helping. The reality is, he was probably having a heart attack, and didn't know it.  He died in the washroom, he was just getting ready to take a shower. As my sister said, he left the world the same way he came into it, naked!  My mom had been taking a nap, and when she went into the washroom, found him on the floor. She poked him with her foot, and then with her hand, and found him cool, so she went and put a blanked on him...when he didn't get up or respond...she called 911. The ambulance came, and they called the police I guess.  They couldn't reach me because my mom in her upset state couldn't remember my number. They couldn't reach my sister, since she works in a place where they don't allow you to use your cell phone, and  that was the only number they had for her. But her husband had her direct office number, and had heard from one of my cousins. My aunt heard about it before I did, and sent me an email, which I noticed shortly after it arrived. I immediately went up and asked my housemate if he could drive me over, he kindly said yes. In my rush, I forgot to reply to my aunt...I had to apologize to her later in the day for that. My sister got her first, and found that an Ottaw Police officer had stayed with my mom until my sister arrived. Must thank them for that. When I arrived around 4 pm,  my dad was still on the floor in the bathroom. So I got to see where he had died. We had to call around to funeral homes to get someone to come and take the body.

While we were doing this, Mandy, one of my cousins who is close to my sister came over to lend her support. My friend [personal profile] popelaksmi came over to be with me after 6. While my sister and Mandy dug through my dad's papers to find various important things while [personal profile] popelaksmi and I went up to the DQ for some food and ice cream. During this time my sister was looking around for phone numbers of friends and relatives. About 5 Shortly after we camminutes after I got back, I looked for, and found the address book. My sister started calling, while  I took care of my mom. I have more to write, but  I am too tired right now. I will try to post more later...


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